FIFINE XLR/USB Dynamic Microphone for Podcast Recording, PC Computer Gaming Streaming Mic with RGB Light, Mute Button, Headphones Jack, Desktop Stand, Vocal Mic for Singing YouTube-AmpliGame AM8

FIFINE XLR/USB Dynamic Microphone for Podcast Recording, PC Computer Gaming Streaming Mic with RGB Light, Mute Button, Headphones Jack, Desktop Stand, Vocal Mic for Singing YouTube-AmpliGame AM8 Price: £87.00 (as of 31/12/2023 10:48 PST- Details)

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AM8 is a dynamic microphone with XLR and USB connector that pulls dual duty for both play and work. The recording microphone comes with controllable RGB, tap-to-mute, mic gain knob, headphones jack and monitoring volume keep an eye on. You’ll be able to start the use of it with the USB connection, and in a position to get into XLR setup. It rejects unwanted noise to make your gaming, live streaming, recording audio sounds more stable and clear. Soothing RGB lights bring vitality to your live broadcast.

[Natural Audio Clarity] Operated with frequency response of 50Hz-16KHz, the podcast microphone XLR delivers balanced audio range for smooth mid, bright high and stable bass, likely to resonate with your audience. Directional cardioid dynamic microphone corded will not exaggerate your voice, at the same time as rejects unwanted off-axis noise for vocal originality and intelligibility right through your gaming streaming video recording. (Tips: Keep the top of end-addressing dynamic microphone AM8 facing audio source, and suggested recording range is 2 to 6 in.)
[XLR Connection Upgrade-Ability] Well-connected and noise-free operation, the XLR microphone grows alongside your studio setup equipment, like sound cards and mixers, which improves vocal speaking audio flexibility to make you explore quite a lot of types of music recording singing. The black streaming microphone isolates the pristine and accurate sound from ambient noise via balanced transmission with greater anti-interference and fidelity.
[USB Connection with Handy Mute] Skip the hassle of setting something up and plug the cable to play the USB dynamic microphone directly, which suits for beginner creators or professionals’ day-to-day podcast or conference work. You’ll be able to quickly keep an eye on desk microphone with tap-to-mute that may be independent of computer/Macbook programs to keep privacy when live streaming. LED mute reminder helps you do away with forgetting to cancel the mute.
[Soothing Controllable RGB] RGB ring on the desktop gaming microphone for PC, with 3 modes and more than 10 light colors collection, matches your PC gears accessories for amazing synergy even in dim room. You’ll be able to keep an eye on the RGB key button for better game color scheme. Configured memory function, the streaming microphone RGB eliminates repeated selections and brings itself alive when power on.
[More Function Keys] Computer microphone with headphones jack upgrades your rhythm game experience and get feedback whether the real-time voice your audience hear as expected. Get the desired level via monitoring volume keep an eye on when gaming recording. Smooth mic gain knob on the PC microphone gaming has some resistance to the point, easily for audio attenuation or boost presence to less post-production audio.
[Multiple Scene Use] The XLR/USB PC gaming microphone is a one stop shop to pull duties for both play and work, streaming, podcast, broadcast recording. Use the standing desktop microphone for gaming at home studio or take it on the go. Built-in 3/8’’ and 5/8’’ metal threads, the dictation microphone fits the most boom arm stand without external adapter. Noise-canceling windscreen cover defeats hum from nearby electrical appliances for cleaner audio.

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