Lefant M213 Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Mop, 2200 Pa Strong Suction, Quiet Robotic Vacuum 7.8cm Thin 28cm DIA, Ideal for Pet Hair Alexa Voice Control

Lefant M213 Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Mop, 2200 Pa Strong Suction, Quiet Robotic Vacuum 7.8cm Thin 28cm DIA, Ideal for Pet Hair Alexa Voice Control

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robot vacuum cleanerrobot vacuum cleaner

Why choose M213 Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Lefant M213 smart robot vacuum is an effective way to freed you from the rather boring household chores,allowing you spend more time with your members of the family,or concentrate your energy on your work.

The robot vacuum cleaner with smaller fuselage can enhance the pass rate and coverage. The battery has a longer life. 2200Pa powerful suction can pick up pet hair, human hair, dust etc., ideal for families with pets.

Suitable for use on low and medium carpets and very dark floors.Not suitable for high-pile carpets.Please tidy up the room. Do not place cables, socks, etc on the ground, in a different way the robot may be entangled when running.

robotic vacuumrobotic vacuum

Unique Suction Mouth Design

  1. Targeted to solve the fine dust, hair, the robot vacuum cleaner with suction mouth can solve the shortcomings of the roller brush entangled hair, at the same time as improving the efficiency of hair and dust cleaning.
  2. For the people who have pets prone to hair loss, the robot vacuum cleaner with suction mouth can clean the hair more efficiently.
  3. Most of the handheld vacuum cleaners on the market are unable to solve the problem of cleaning hair, and this is where our robot vacuum cleaner has an advantage.

robotic vacuumsrobotic vacuums

FreeMove Technology 2.0

Traditional Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

The traditional robot vacuum cleaner adopts the traditional mechanical bumper structure. All the way through the robot vacuum cleaner process, the mechanical bumper detects if there are obstacles. This structure is very easy to damage household items. At the same time, once the mechanical bumper has problems, the machine can no longer be used again.

Lefant M213 Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

Using the new FreeMove 2.0 technology,Equipped with 11 electronic sensors with increased sensitivity to the front,360 degree detection and environment planning,so that the whole body of the robot vacuum cleaner can sense collisions and can detect changes in the body’s posture, and judge the sweeper’s walking Circumstances, the whole body has a more comprehensive sensing range, and the electronic sensing sensitivity is higher, and intelligently prevents the robot vacuum cleaner from being stuck and Low failure.

robot vacuumrobot vacuum

Vacuuming an Mopping (No Water Tank)


  • Our robot vacuum cleaner comes with a dry cloth and a disposable wet cloth, unlike other vacuum cleaners with a water tank.
  • The disposable wet wipes are very easy to clean and replace and can clean the floor thoroughly.
  • Perfect for people with pets, families with children and people with high demands on household hygiene.

Frequently Asked Questions Q & A:

WiFi cannot be connected?

  • Please check if the username and password is correct, is it within the signal range of the router, only supports 2.4G, does not beef up 5G.

Not working, no response?

  • Please check whether the machine power switch is on, please keep the machine power switch on and put it on the charging stand to avoid long time standby battery feed damage, if not used for a very long time, please turn off the power switch after full charge and keep charging once every month.

Low suction power?

  • Please clean the dust box in time to avoid rubbish blocking the air ducts. The suction power of a sweeper is different from that of a hoover because the working time of a sweeper is much longer than that of a hoover.

Many collisions?

  • Please remove the protective film and clean the front window incessantly with a dry soft cloth.

robot vacuum cleaner with moprobot vacuum cleaner with mop

robot hooverrobot hoover


robot moprobot mop

Smart Lefant App & Easy Keep an eye on

App Keep an eye on: Lefant Life App for IOS & Android (2.4GHz WiFi only);

Voice Keep an eye on: Use your voice for hands-free Keep an eye on with Google Assistant or Alexa, like “Alexa, ask M213 to start clean.‘’

Extreme Powerful Suction

This robotic vacuum cleaner powered by an 2200 Pa strong digital motor, M213 features strong suction power and a unique inlet design which does not clog with pet’s hair like other robot vacuums with a rotating brush, which makes the M213 great for pet owners.

500mL Large Dustbin

A large anti-spill dust box of this vacuum robot cleaner up to 500mL storage can hold more dust per cleaning to reduce the frequency of emptying. Easy to use handles for easy take-out to clean up.

Anti-aging Design

Lefant M213 motherboard is sprayed with three-proof paint on both sides, which is waterproof, salt spray-proof, and anti-aging. Make your robot vacuum cleaner not easy to aging and damage.


Anti-Collision Technology

The Robot Vacuum has Upgraded 6D built-in anti-collision infrared sensors that help the robot vacuum detect probable stuck areas and adjust the cleaning path automatically.

Self-charging & Resume

Lefant M213 Robot Vacuum and Mop can return to the charging dock automatically when the battery is low.

3 levels adjustment via App:


【Four cleaning modes】 Most of the cleaning modes of the robotic vacuum cleaner on the market are random walking. Compared with them, the Lefant cleaner robot has four cleaning modes: automatic, planning, fixed point, edge, and the planning global mode can meet your needs, with the required planning path, cleaning will be so easy!
【Improved FreeMove 2.0 Technology】Compared with the physical obstacle sensing method of traditional robot vacuum cleaner, Free Move is upgraded to 6D electronic sensing technology. There are 11 electronic sensors with higher sensitivity on the front end, which reduces the size of the robot vacuum‘s body. The size reduces the failure rate and effectively prevents the robot vacuum from getting stuck and falling from a height
【Unique Suction Mouth & Powerful Suction】Lefant M213 robotic vacuum cleaner powered by an 2200 Pa strong digital motor, features strong suction power and a unique inlet design which does not clog with pet’s hair like other robot vacuums with a rotating brush, which makes the M213 great for pet owners
【Use BYD’s Same Car Battery & Durable and Safe】 Lefant robot vacuum cleaner with mop use BYD’s same car battery, obtains stronger power and longer service life, can charge and discharge 2000 times without decay, Provides up to 100 minutes of constant vacuuming for thoroughly cleaning
【Smart App & Voice Controls】Lefant M213 robot vacuum can be controlled by App and Alexa & Google Home voice command. Use the Lefant Life App to monitor the cleaning path, schedule cleaning plan, adjust suction level, change cleaning mode, etc. Note:It only supports 2. 4GHz Wi-Fi
【What You Get】The M213 robot vacuum cleaner,charging base, power adapter, 500ml dust bin, 1 Mop holder, 2 HEPA filter, 4 side brushes, 1 reusable wipe, 5 disposable wipes, quick guide and user manual, and our 12-month warranty

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