Xn8 Sports Unisex-Youth Dumbbell-Js-db-02 Neoprene Dumbbell

Xn8 Sports Unisex-Youth Dumbbell-Js-db-02 Neoprene Dumbbell

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Manufactured using solid cast iron core and premium quality neoprene coating, Xn8 sports dumbbells are highly durable, robust and fit for all levels of workouts. Our sports hand weights/dumbbells are best to use at home as well as in a commercial gym.
Our neoprene coated iron dumbbells provide a soft and comfortable grip. The non-slip grip is gentle on hands, so you do not need to wear gloves. It also prevents any slippage when your palms are sweaty. These are designed ergonomically to best fit to the contours of your palms and fingers.
The hexagonal shaped edges make sure that the dumbbells stay where you put them and do not roll away, making them easy to store and stack anywhere. This also prevents any imminent damage to the floor in case you drop them accidently even from a certain height.
Use Xn8 hand weight dumbbells for a variety of exercises including bicep curls, chest flyes, shoulder raises, weighted squats, skull crushers, and other strength-building workouts. Add resistance to your yoga, aerobics, lunges and squat workouts using these top quality dumbbells.
Xn8 neoprene dumbbells are SOLD AS A PAIR (NOT SINGLE) and available in a variety of vibrant colours including black, blue, purple, turquoise, grey, orange, pink and green. Similarly, you can get to choose from a range of weight options best suited to your fitness needs.

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